I have been back, working in film for the past ten years, building yet another career, building characters. Learning and growing, bring a sense of wisdom, through maturity, to the work I am now doing.

The attached short films, commercials and still images are the building of a new, yet old career path. One where I seem to have constantly crossed through the proverbial lens. I have spent more than 40 years on set, on both sides of the lens. I spent 25 years as a professional photographer. And it has been 40 years since my first steps on set as a model and actor. Commercials and print at first and developing into true characters as time went by.

Good things are happening. I am not rushing, nor am I bringing great ego into this. I studied in London and NYC. I enjoy the personalities of the creative teams I share a passion with, and that alone is the fuel in my tank as the work continues. Enjoy, and I hope to meet you on set one day.

Many thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the show… Ben.

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